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We provide durable and stylish carpets in Dubai at low rates that ensure maximum dust, stain, and moisture resistance.

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Beautify Your Floors With Our Luxury Carpets in Abu Dhabi

Our luxurious and precisely crafted carpets not only boost the aesthetics of your floor surface but also ensure extra underfoot comfort.

Multiple traditional, classical, or modern designs and patterns.
A galaxy of colors to craft an eye-catching floor ambiance.
Extra comfort with high density and greater thickness.
Stylish textures for a mind-blowing surface outlook.
Complete personalization as per theme requirements.

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Durable Carpets

Our Featured Carpet Types

We have a broad collection of carpets for living room, bedroom, dining area, office, stairs, hallways, and hotel rooms.

Event Carpets

To fabricate a heavy-duty and comfortable red carpet, we use both synthetic and natural fibers.

Wall-To Wall

We offer Needle-punched, Tufted, Berber, and Saxony broadloom carpets for a fine floor finish.

Stair Carpets

Our slip-resistant stair carpets ensure proper safety and dust resistance for a better experience.

Outdoor Carpets

Our outdoor carpets are crafted using synthetic or blended fibers for 100% weather resistance.

Our Collection!

View Our Gallery For Inspiring Fabric Designs!

Have a look at our gallery with fascinating modern and traditional designs for flooring styling.

Luxury Carpets

What Benefits Does Our Carpet Collection Present?

We aim to provide carpets Dubai that not only upgrade the aesthetics and ambiance of the floor surface but also make it more functional and comfortable for users. Our heavy-duty carpets encompass a hypoallergenic nature, eco-friendly fabrication, excellent durability, and low maintenance requirements. Experience unique flooring with us!


The unique dust, pollen, and mildew resistance make our floor covering hypoallergenic.


For an eco-friendly surface, we use non-toxic and renewable materials with low VOCs.

Easy Maintenance

These carpets require very low maintenance due to heavy stain, moisture, and dust resistance.

High Durability

For endure flooring, we craft our carpets with durable natural or synthetic materials.

Modern Carpets Abu Dhabi

Looking For Expert Carpet Installation Services?

Are you exploring a professional team for flawless installation of carpet in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? We offer efficient installation services for all sorts of carpets at affordable rates. Our experienced team ensures proper floor preparation, padding, and carpet fixing.

Prepare a dent-free floor surface for proper alignment.
To maintain a high grip, we also use durable tack strips.
We Use the best possible techniques and tools for A1 installation.
We prefer double-checking the carpet finishing for your satisfaction.
For an even and bump-free surface, we ensure stretching.
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To provide the best possible floor-covering solutions, Our experts also offer free home visits.

About Us

Why Choose Us?

Abu Dhabi Artificial Grass is the #1 supplier of carpets in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We have a diverse collection of durable, luxurious, and stylish carpets for your residential and commercial places.

For a tailor-made approach, we also ensure maximum personalization options with bespoke material, color, design, texture, size, and pattern. You can also get suitable suggestions from our designers for a bespoke piece of carpet.

We have a dedicated team for seamless carpet installation with innovative tools and techniques at budget-friendly rates. Moreover, our experts also offer a free guide for easy maintenance and care of carpets. On customer demand, we also provide free quotations online.

Perfect Carpets

Durable Craftsmanship
Our professionally crafted floor coverings ensure sustainability, resilience, and proper finish.

Free Doorstep Delivery
We provide free doorstep delivery of our floor coverings & essentials to optimize your budget.

Free Sampling & Guide
For customer’s better experience, we also provide instant sampling and quotation free of cost.

24/7 Availability
We are available 24/7 to help you with any of your requirements regarding window curtains.


How We Customize?

We offer a wide range of custom-made options to craft a perfect carpet as per your interior theme, design, and specific requirements.

Material Options

We use wool, sisal, jute, nylon, cotton, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, and synthetic fibers.

Color & Design

You can choose any solid or neutral color as per your specific requirements and theme.

Unique Patterns

We craft floor coverings with geometric, floral, herringbone, chevron, or straight-weave patterns.

Pile Height

You can get carpets with bespoke pile heights, densities, and thicknesses as per requirements.


Explore Our Featured Carpet Designs

Get our popular carpet designs to enhance the ambiance of your floor surface.

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What Our Customers Say About Us?

Our customers always appreciate our quality materials, services, and excellent customer care.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course, we craft our flooring covering with premium quality materials that ensure maximum hypoallergenic surface. The excellent germs or dust resistance make our carpets hypoallergenic.

Yes, our carpets can be installed over any type of existing flooring. However, it must be ensured that the subfloor surface is clean and free from dents or gaps, adhesive materials, and contaminants.

Repairing doesn’t ensure complete durability and foot comfort. It also demands a budget. As per our expertise, we can say that replacing the damaged carpet with a new one would be an excellent option for longevity.

The complete duration for installation usually depends upon the total area of floor surface and carpet design and type. However, we usually take 5-6 hours to cover the floor of a medium size home.

The average lifespan of a carpet depends upon multiple factors including its durability, craftsmanship, installation, care, and maintenance. Our floor coverings can last up to 12-15 years.