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We bring you the widest range of floor skirting boards and you can enjoy the most attractive interiors with this treatment.

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Make Your Walls Seamless And Tidy With Our Skirting

Our high-quality skirting Dubai works as an adjoining element between walls and floors, giving a clean, seamless, and presentable finish to interiors.

Maximum Wall And Floor Protection
Perfect Concealing Of Wall Imperfections
Zero Impact And Slamming Damages
Flawless And Attractive Interior Appearances
Protection Of Floorboards Against Fraying

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Durable Skirting Abu Dhabi
Versatile Varieties

What Trendy Skirting Types Do We Offer?

Here are the most popular floor skirting options we provide, excellent for both residential and commercial interiors.

PVC Skirting

100% Waterproof and best for areas with high footfall.

Wood Skirting

Highly insulating, energy-efficient, & great for traditional interior decor themes.

MDF Skirting

Durable, budget-friendly, easy to customize, and versatile for every use.

Vinyl Skirting

Protects walls from atmospheric damage, humidity, pests, and temperature changes.

The Dedicated Services We Provide For Skirting Treatments

Have a look at how our skirting services make the most valuable and cost-effective home improvement

Elegant Skirting Abu Dhabi

Endless Customization & Design Possibilities

Our skirting services work as the most influential and long-term favorable decor improvement. With the addition of these baseboards, you can not only make your interiors look clean and presentable but can also achieve all desired aesthetic effects on a budget, without complete flooring or wall treatments.

Pencil Skirting Dubai

These baseboards come with a narrow profile and work wonders for small spaces.

Bullnose Wall Skirting

This one comes with a circular top edge and is perfect for high-foot-traffic interiors.

Ogee Skirting Dubai

This skirting is curved at the top and is a classic choice for creating opulent interiors.

Lambs Tongue Skirting

This sleek and minimal skirting is a wonderful option for both traditional & minimal decors.

Skirting in Dubai

Top Benefits Of Investing In Our Skirting Collection

As mentioned earlier, our boards for skirting offer both aesthetic perks as well as enhanced protection. Adding them to your place will be the most efficient, economical, and value-for-money approach to home improvement and renovation.

Premium And Robust Build Quality
Colorfast And Fade-resistant Stains And Finishes
100% Non-toxic Construction for improved air quality
Effective prevention of scuff marks, stains, door slamming damage and foot traffic impacts
Improved noise reduction, insulation and energy efficiency
We Are Available 24/7 | Contact Us For A Free Visit

To provide the best possible wall-designing solutions, Our experts also offer free site visits in Abu Dhabi & nearby cities.

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Why Choose Us?

Skirting Abu Dhabi by Abu Dhabi Artificial Grass will be the cheapest yet most long-lasting home improvement you can ever get. This treatment is not just essential for the betterment and protection of walls and floorings but also offers plenty of aesthetic benefits, letting you customize the look of your interiors just how you like.

We provide a versatile range of color, stain and finish options for these skirting tiles, so as to provide a perfect fit for every interior and exterior theme. Additionally, there are multiple size and profile choices available too.

Our interior and deck skirting is highly affordable and will last for the longest periods of time. Not to mention it will improve your home’s resale value as well. Request a free quote now!

First Class Skirting

Fast Installation
We provide rapid skirting Dubai treatments for both new and existing floorings, giving your interiors a renewed look in no time

Long-term Comfort
Our skirting boards will make your homes warm, cozy and noise-free with a well-balanced temperature year round, reducing energy expenses

Classy Visuals
Getting our skirting treatment is the quickest, most effortless, and effective way to achieve luxurious and attractive homes and offices

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How We Transform Your Places With Luxury Skirt Boards

Have a look at the steps of our skirting treatments. This durable addition will preserve your floor and wall coverings for years straight.

Measurements And Prep

We pay free visits to your places, take precise measurements, and prepare walls for a flawless fit.

Installation And Securing

We fit your desired boards for skirting quickly and fasten them right following wall conditions.

Painting And Finishing

We finish off the boards with your choice of paints, stains, or effects and make them seamless.

Professional Guide

You can get all kinds of custom designs, colors, finishes, and treatments for the perfect room look.

Our Gallery

Latest Skirting Design Collections 2024

Explore our trendy baseboard styles and types and enjoy selecting complimenting options for your places

Luxury Skirting
Perfect Skirting Abu Dhabi
Reliable Skirting
Stunning Skirting

What Do Customers Say About Our Skirting Products?

Purchasing our skirting for the first time? Go through these latest reviews and enjoy the most satisfactory services.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Skirting boards are generally made of Woods (hardwood and softwood), Metals (stainless steel and aluminum), Plastics (PVC and UPVC), MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard, Concrete and FJ (Finger-jointed) Pine. These materials are also suitable for commercial interiors and exteriors.

Of course, our board for skirting can be easily painted for all desired looks. We provide all kinds of finishing services for these boards on-site. You can also have your choice of effects such as semi-gloss, matte finish, or low-sheen finishes, following your decor improvement goals.

Yes, skirting can be easily installed over existing flooring. Fitting skirt boards over existing flooring also gives a fine and professional look and minimizes any gaps between the wall and the floor. Other than hard floorings, skirting can also be added on top of carpeting.

You can do so by sealing all sides of the skirting boards, minimizing their contact with water, using zinc-coated screws, using gap-filling adhesives, and making kerf cuts. Besides, in the case of already warped skirting boards, you can screw the tops and bottoms to get rid of the warp.

Yes, there are multiple eco-friendly materials that you can consider for skirting. These include hardwoods (primarily Oak), MDF, bamboo, and PVC which are easy to deal with and last long as well. Additionally, terrazzo and cork tiles are also greatly eco-friendly and sustainable options.