Buy Stylish Wall Panels Abu Dhabi for Your Home Decor

We offer durable, stylish, stain, dust, and moisture-resistance wall panels at budget-friendly rates in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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Precise Measurements
Precise Measurements
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Instant Fixing
Versatile Designs
Versatile Designs
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Free Expert Guide
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Design Your Walls With Our Classy Wall Panels in Abu Dhabi

We have a broad collection of wall panels Abu Dhabi to decorate the walls of your residential or commercial places.

Get our custom-designed wallpaper and wall panels for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, home or corporate office, restaurant, hotel room, hospital, or school. 

Beadboard wooden strips for enhanced elegance & texture.
Long horizontal MDF boards for Shiplap outside wall design.
Drop-siding wall style with multiple vertical wooden boards.
Panels with variable thickness for V-shaped outlook & texture.
Rustic Wooden Planks for a wall barn or rustic appearance.

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With our top-notch wall cladding services, you can get the best return on investment.

3D Wood Panel

Benefits Of Our Wall Panels

Enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of our durable and professionally crafted wall panels at a low budget.

Structural Support

Due to strong composition, high thickness, and multiple layering, our durable panels provide extra structural support to the wall surface.

Wall Insulation

These panels also regulate indoor temperature either in hot or cold weather due to the extra insulating layer between the wall surface & panel.

Aesthetic Value

Our professionally crafted panels ensure multiple color contrasts, textures, shapes, and designs as per your theme requirements to ensure wall aesthetics.

Easy Maintenance

These durable wall sheets require very low maintenance and care due to their excellent dust, stain, scratch, and moisture resistance.

Wooden Wall Panel

Get Custom Made Wall Panels For Bespoke Wall Styling

We offer tailor-made wall panels Abu Dhabi at budget-friendly rates for personalized wall styling. Our proficient team analyzes your wall interior to suggest the best material, color, finish, size, shape, design, and pattern options. Furthermore, you can opt for panels per your style, theme, wall requirements, and budget.

Material Options
Material Options

We craft panels with wood, acrylic, metal, gypsum, fiberglass, plywood, vinyl, and PVC.

Wall Panels
Color & Finish

Neutral or bold colors with textured, matte, glossy, metallic, or custom-painted finishes.

Wall Panels
Size & Shape

Get custom-made panels per your wall size with rectangular, triangular, and hexagonal shapes.

Wall Panels
Design & Pattern

We design panels with multiple patterns including geometric, brick, 3D, floral, or abstract.

Wood Slat Panels

Approach Us For Flawless Wall Paneling Installation

Aside from providing durable and stylish strips for your wall covering, we also offer professional wall panel installation and repair services at affordable rates in Abu Dhabi. Our team of experts uses modern techniques and tools for long-lasting results.

Precise cutting of panels with cutting-edge techniques.
Complete wall preparation by fixing wall dents or gaps.
Ensure accurate measurements of the wall surface.
Fixing durable wall trims for a well-defined look and finish.
Use of premium quality materials for adhesive purposes.
Wall Panels
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To provide the best possible wall-designing solutions, Our experts also offer free home visits.

Why Choose Us?

Abu Dhabi Artificial Grass is one of the top-notch suppliers of wall panels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that ensures ultra-durability and multifunctionality.

For a personalized wall treatment, we offer maximum customization options including bespoke wall panel material, size, shape, pattern, design, color, and finish selection. Our interior designers provide a professional guide for choosing the best option, maintenance, and cleaning of wall panels Abu Dhabi.

In addition, we also provide cost-effective services for flawless panel installation and repair at cost-effective rates. For panel maintenance and cleaning, our team offers professional guides free of cost. You can also get free online quotations to get an estimate of your budget.

3D PVC Wall Panel

Versatile Collection

To make your wall elegant and aesthetic, we offer endless types of durable panels.

Perfect Wall Finish
We ensure perfect wall finish by focusing on quality materials and precise fixing.

Affordable Pricing
You can get all types of wall covering designs at very low rates in Abu Dhabi.

Free Quotation & Sampling
At our store, we also offer free quotations and a sampling of your desired wall panels

How We Work?

For sustainable and stylish covering of your residential or commercial area walls, we ensure best practices at very low rates.

Full Paneling

We always prefer to cover the wall surface with full-length paneling for extra elegance.

Unique Pattern

Our experts suggest the best pattern that can complement your theme and design.

Incorporate Trims

To avoid inconvenience and poor wall design & finish, we ensure perfect trim work.

Perfect Color

Our designers always go for the best color scheme, stain, or sheen for warmth effects.

Our Exclusive Wall Panel Collection

Outstanding Wall Panels
Wooden Wall Panels in Dubai
Vietnam Teak Wood Panels
Acoustic Wall Panels

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

We design our durable and eco-friendly wall panels with a broad range of materials including wood, acrylic, metal, gypsum, fiberglass, concrete, plywood, vinyl, and PVC. Our crafted panels ensure high longevity and resilience.

No, efficient installation of wall panels requires precise skills, tools, and techniques. If you have a plan to panel your walls, you can hire our expert team. We offer cost-effective wall decoring services in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

Yes, wall panels can be customized with tailor-made materials, colors, patterns, and designs. We provide personalized panels for bespoke wall treatment as per your desired style and interior theme at budget-friendly rates.

Yes, our professionally designed panels are highly suitable for moisture-prone areas like the kitchen and bathroom walls. We utilize moisture-resistant materials in our panel manufacturing to prevent 100% water seepage.

The lifespan of wall panels usually depends upon the utilized material, craftsmanship, way of installation, and maintenance. The average lifespan of our dust, stain, and moisture-resistant wall panels is 12-15 years.